“Stories carry wisdom, humor, tears, and the experiences of many generations.  A story is a living thing that should be treated with respect.”
Tersi Bendiburg
“Tersi’s stories are feasts for the mind and heart... Pungent blends of knowledge, wisdom, love and entertainment... Prepared and delivered with Cuban fire, Southern Charm, and Professional Sill.”
Virginia H. Meldrum
Authors in School
Owl’s Tree Bookstore
“I highly recommend her performance as entertaining, informative, and a great way to achieve an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum content.”
Anna Franchini
7th Grade Teacher
A Sample of Programs
Latin American Folktales
Consists of a large collection of age-appropriate folktales and legends from Latin America. Tersi explains how these stories crossed the Atlantic from Europe and Africa centuries earlier and became part of the Latin American folklore. The use of songs and musical instruments moves the stories along. Students are encouraged to join in for songs and refrains during the stories. A workshop for grades 5-12 on how to research, collect, and adapt folktales can follow the presentation.
Georgia: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Offers a memorable collection of legends, stories, and anecdotes taken from the folklore and history of Georgia to bring its rich culture to life right before the students’ eyes. This program is especially suitable for eighth grade students who study Georgia history.
Coming to America: Red Clay Stories
Raises awareness and builds understanding about the difficulty immigrants face in adjusting to a new country and putting down roots through bittersweet stories.
Day of the Dead:  A Scary Name for a Beautiful Celebration!
Tells how this Mexican holiday of celebration and remembrance reflects the values and customs of the two very different cultures of Europe and the Aztecs. Tersi explores the roots of the Day of the Dead in All Saints Day from Europe and a number of celebrations of the Aztec and other indigenous peoples.
Our Holiday Table:  a Multicultural Feast
Tells how real holiday dishes inspire stories drawn from the three cultures that came together to make up the Spanish-speaking Caribbean: Native American, European, and African.   
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